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Lilian Clesham

Counselling and Psychotherapy
27th January 2022 
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Counselling and Psychotherapy
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Online Counselling and Psychotherapy delivered by Skype or Zooom

Counselling and Psychotherapy are processes which help you to uncover and face difficulties in your life and find ways of working through them in a constructive way. You have all you need to be happy and fulfilled.

It can be a Talking Process. To talk at this level requires a great deal of trust and this needs to be built. You will explore your feelings giving you understanding which may help you to respond differently to situations in your life. We will explore your strenghts, those qualities that really support you, we will pay particular attention to areas where you feel less strong and look at the qualities that are struggling to emerge and find expression.

It is not just a Talking Process. I work also with Art, Dreams, Creative Imagination, Walking in the Woods and Creative Writing. This offers us a very powerful insight into your less conscious process.

Because we are all different have unique needs many different approaches are needed. I use an Integated Approach which is responsive to your needs. My approach includes:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy where we will explore your thinking patterns and how this might impact on your life. We will agree goals and work on the steps towards that goal.

Psychodynamic Where we will explore your past and examine its connections with your present situation. We cannot change the past but what we can do with understanding is manage to release the past's grip on your present. We often find the "cause" of our problems. Understanding helps us to make powerful changes.

Transpersonal This approach helps to make sense of deeper questions. Why am I here? Who am I? What is the purpose in my current experience? How do I become who I want to be? We will discover using this approach that we are already who we want to be, possessing all we need to express our full potential.