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Lilian Clesham

Couples Counselling
27th January 2022 
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Online Couples Counselling delivered by Zoom or Skype

We currently live in very strange times. New times create new challenges. Spending long periods of time locked down without opportunities to do our usual activities, see our friends or even go to work can be hard. You are spending much longer with your partner than you usually do, this can require negotiation and patience. New times call for new skills.

Why do I need it?
Is your relationship in a rut?
Do you feel that you have chosen the wrong partner?
Is there recurring conflict in your relationship?
Do you want to enrich your relationship?

How does it work?
My approach is to Couples Counselling is based on Imago Relationship therapy developed by Harville Hendrix in his publication "Getting The Love You Want".

This is a safe approach to helping both of you understand the other better and evolve into wholeness together. It will help you to:

  • Create a satisfying and fulfilling relationship.
  • Learn to communicate effectively with each other.
  • Break destructive patterns.
  • Heal old hurts and frustrations.

    We will work with sessions of up to two hours with structured exercises designed to understand the cause of your pain in your relationship. I will teach you exercises equipping you ,as a couple, with your own tools to continue your work building an intimate safe space for you both to explore your hurts. I encourage you both to explore exercises that increase intimacy in your relationship.

    What is the theory it is based on?
    Dr Hendrix , author of "Getting The Love you Want", asserts that the origin of our frustrations as adults lies in our unfulfilled needs or hurts in childhood and we choose our partner out of our unconscious desire to heal or repair our wounds. Our wounds as children happen in relationship to our carers so they can be healed through our relationship too.

    Within all of us we carry an image that is a combination of the positive and negative qualities of our parents or carers. This is called an "Imago" and this is why we have our chosen our partner, because they are person with the negative qualities will trigger the old hurt and with their positive qualities can help us heal it.

    Relationship Counselling offers powerful tools to enable couples in conflict to heal and reconcile and to remember the original attraction and making a deeper intimate connection.

    I believe having Relationship counselling is a positive healthy step rather than a place of last resort to "save" your relationship.

    Counselling for Conflict Resolution
    This Counselling model works with any kind of conflict helping each side to see and understand the other's point of view. Real understanding engenders compassion and enables change.